Hospital Patient Satisfaction

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The quality of hospital laboratory service is one of the most relevant items of health care quality perceived by patients and by their families. Patient satisfaction is considered a way of measuring the quality of services provided. Objectives: To study the impact of National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH) Accreditation, India on Laboratory Department Service patient satisfaction. Methods: It is a quantitative, descriptive and inferential research based case study in which sample of a population was studied by structured satisfaction survey questionnaires (before and after the accreditation) in a private tertiary care hospital in Secunderabad, Telangana State, India to determine its characteristics, and it is…show more content…
But it is difficult to measure the satisfaction and gauze responsiveness of the health systems as not only the clinical but also the non-clinical outcomes of care do influence the customer satisfaction. Satisfaction has been defined as a consumer’s emotional feelings about a specific consumption experience. Today, developedand developing nations are working towards continuous quality improvement and patient safety by achieving the national and or international healthcare accreditation and providing safe, effective, patient-centred, timely, efficient and equitable health care services to all their patients, families and caretakers. Accreditation of a health care organization is an external evaluation of the level of compliance against a set of organizational standards. Healthcare accreditation standards are advocated as an important means of improving structure, process and…show more content…
Patient satisfaction has become a key criterion by which the quality of health care services is evaluated. The literature emphasizes that patients who are satisfied with the provision of health care tend to be more compliant to their treatment plan, maintain their follow up visits; and are more willing to recommend the hospital to others. The literature emphasizes that hospital accreditation and patient satisfaction are both considered important quality indicators of healthcare delivered. The results of patient satisfaction surveys can be used to monitor the quality of health care provided, to find out any shortages, to provide the necessary interventions, and as a valuable source of strategic planning of health services. It is judgment that a product or a services feature, or the product or service itself, provide a pleasurable level of consumption related fulfilment. The main beneficiary of a good health care system is clearly a patient. As a customer of healthcare, the patient is the focus of the health care delivery system. Patient’s perceptions about health care system seem to have been largely ignored by the health care managers in the developing countries. Patient satisfaction depends upon many factors such as: quality of clinical

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