Pharmacy Reflective Report

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NAME: Naheeda Ebrahim STUDENT NUMBER: 217002560 DATE: 8 September 2017
SITE: Tongaat Community Health Centre REFLECTIVE JOURNAL: 3 MODULE: PHRM102W2

We arrived at the site and quickly made our way to the pharmacy where we were told to wait for the pharmacy manager. After a few minutes, we entered the pharmacy manager’s office where he informed us about this CHC’s pharmacy as well as about the profession of pharmacy in general. He told us that he will be giving us small tasks like labelling and writing the patients name and number on the labels on the medication. He also said that even though these tasks seem so insignificant, if done wrong, they can lead to a patient’s death. For example: If the wrong label gets put on a medication and that mislabelled
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When in Outpatients, some medication didn’t have labels, so we personally put labels on them under the instruction of a pharmacist. I got to write on many medication labels with some being; Metformin [“This is used to treat Type-2 diabetes” (Bagchi & Sreejayan 2012, p. 461)], Amlodipine and Paracetamol. After writing on labels, I got to label medication. I was told not to cover the name and expiry date of the medication. The medication I labelled were Metformin and Amlodipine [“This is used to treat hypertension (Barar 2000, p. 246)]. After that we got a brief, but explanatory tour of the pharmacy. We visited the Outpatients section, the Storeroom and Labelling and Pre-packaging area where we were given a lot of information about how the stores, labelling and pre-packaging areas

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