Hospital Restraint Analysis

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Ms. Augustin Doreus has also been very active in the following hospital committees such as: Restraint, Safety, Fall, ConED, and Performance Improvement. Furthermore, she has been a voice for the veterans focusing on changing the culture of how restraints are being used in the organization. She advocates on focusing more on alternative measures such as, de-escalation techniques, therapeutic communication, recognized early sing of agitation, and intervene on a timely manner, and so on.
Outcome: As a member of the Hospital Restraint Committee and the leader of the Sub-restraint committee, Mrs. Augustin Doreus proposition to the Restraint Committee was to change the philosophy of our current restraint practice to focus more on finding alternative ways to keep our veterans safe during behavioral outburst. Mrs. Augustin Doreus stressed the importance that all VHATAM staff are retrained and learn to adhere to the new proposed policy HPM 11-78 that has been approved and signed by the Hospital Director, and is posted on the DMC Share Point site under the Chief of Staff
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Outcome: she led a subcommittee of the hospital Restraint Committee to get the restraint product approved. Twice as Tough Cuff She also developed a training process so that every nursing staff can be trained and ready to go live by the end of September of this year. 70% of staff has already been trained. She presented and taught on the Twice as Tough Cuff restraint during the August 20th hospital-wide Skills Fair. Last, she reviewed and updated the current hospital restraint education power point located on VHATAM
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