Hospitality And Tourism Strategic Planning

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Hospitality and Tourism strategic planning
The Hospitality and Tourism industry is the most fast grooming industry in today’s era. The main purpose of strategic planning is to integrate the Political, Economic and sustainability benefits of tourism with destination people and countries in order to improve the global and local quality of life. Strategic planning is that which support the management in decision making and it work as a backbone for management of whole organisation. This is the systematic process of creating need and by working effectively on it to meet that particular need by working within the strategic framework which starts you to finger priorities and secern your operational principles .
Business strategy
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The Barbeque Family:
The First Barbeque restaurant was started in the Money making city of INDIA Mumbai in January 2006 after the branches spread in other major cities likeLucknow, Hyderabad, Pune, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Chandigarh, Guwahati, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Surat, Visakhapatnam, and Coimbatore.The tree of Barbeque nation now have 36 outlets in India as of August 2013.
The Unique Style:
The unique style of Barbeque nation is to first have the live grilled fire food starters at your table once you done with the starters you can begin with the main course of food by bending the flag downward which has been kept on the table for that reason other unique style is live Disk Jockey performance and live dance performance by the Barbeque nation staff.
Nations Best:
Barbeque Nation best is the unlimited food buffet which allows a person to pay a fix amount at once and enjoy the best of Barbeque Nation food both veg and non veg with the slogan written on their Menu Card as “ Don not restrain your indulgence, Ask for repeat as long.

1.1 Compare and contrast the different approaches and theories used
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The India chain of restaurant food concept. The same technique was followed by Barbeque Grill. The started chain of restaurant in India with the same concept of having the live grill food in 2012 in Vadodara by galaxy gourmet private limited.they have great chain of live grill food across india and managed well by their staffs.

Competitive Strategies –to servive in todays competitive era of hospitality this is the method where you can archive the competitive advantage of the market.same thing followed by the barbeque nation.the unique style and live grilled food which is first introduced in India by barbeque nation in 2006 which is followed by barbeque grill.Barbeque nation have a good expansion and business all over India a good chain of food restaurant.
The porters five forces are used to determine the competitive position of BBQ nation
1) Strength of barriers to entry : the existence of low cost or other complementary obstacles that stops new competitors from easily entering an industry or era of business.and how strong they are in ?

2) Extent of rivelry between

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