Hospitality Business Case Study

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In 21st century, consciousness on sustainable business has been raise broadly. Empirical evidence by measurements has been developed to weigh development against nature, present against future, and certainty against the unknown (Anderson, 2013).
Hospitality business as major component of Travel & Tourism has become an important industry in 21st century further to the fast growth of Travel & Tourism in global economy (10% of global GDP) in 2014 (World Travel & Tourism Council, 2015) and likely continue growth in 3.7% per annum of the next 10 years.
As hospitality industry is massive ongoing use of products and resources, a necessary environmental action to protect the environment and save resources for future generations is necessary.
Over the last decades, hoteliers and investors have begun to consider the impact on environment and society of hotel development and operation and sustainability issues are now being considered in most features of the hospitality industry (Goldstein and Primlani, 2012).
This paper has put together the request from Genting Malaysia Berhad (Genting) which well-entrenched, known as leisure and hospitality business in Malaysia and covers theme parks, gaming, hotels, resorts and entertainment for over 45 years. Genting
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This multidimensional three “Es” (ecological (environmental), social (equity), and financial (economic) sustainability) that constitute TBL (Savitz & Weber, 2006) and reduces business operation risks, improves market opportunities, and is the responsibility of organizational. This TBL will be elaborate further into sustainability for hospitality industry

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