The Hospitality Industry

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Hospitality is the relationship between the customer and the entertainer. The entertainer welcomes the customer and tries to make the person comfortable with altruism (Wikipedia, 2016). The hospitality industry has always been outstretched than the other industries. Unlike the other industries, this one targets on the guest gratification and tries to suit the comfort level of the guest. The main aim of this industry is to provide luxury to the customers (, 2016). The origin of hospitality is related to the civilization. It started back in late 1700 when it was the colonial period. It was originated by the Greek people when they discovered thermal baths in villages. Followed by them the Romans introduced it in the Middle…show more content…
First, inns were developed, followed by them hotels were introduced and now in the modern world, motels were also advanced. In today’s world, hotels have different categories such as resort hotels, budget hotels, luxury hotels and so on. Due to hotels, food was incorporated in this industry. Distinctive type of food services were familiarized like fine dining restaurants, casual dining restaurants and further more. Food has become a major part of this industry. Not only did restaurants get popularize but catering services were also introduced. These services are used in weddings, airlines and cruise lines and so on. Event planning is also a category of this industry, where events like weddings, birthdays and all are planned. People still have a thought that hospitality industry is limited to hotels and food only. Tourism and hospitality are an exotic combination, many type of transportation services are an integral part of the industry which are used by the customers. Airlines, cruise ships are a part of this industry. People are allowed to travel from any corner of the world with luxury services and…show more content…
They are very large in size and entertain more than hundreds of people. Cruise ships take round trips, returning to the start after some days. These ships take leaps at different ports while exploring the sea. Cruising is an integral part of the tourism industry. Different luxuries are produced by distinctive cruise lines. Cruise ships include of rooms from standard to suite, gymnasium, swimming pool and different activities can be executed in the ship itself. Meals are also provided in the ship 24 hours of various types. Mega ships are a larger part of them. They can accommodate more than 3000 people in one go. They are also the most technology progressed ships present on the earth (WiseGEEK, 2016). The first cruise ship was found in 1818, called Black Ball Line. It serviced from United States to England trying to take full care of guest’s comfort in the whole journey. The first impressive adjustment in the cruise ship industry came in 1850 where nature of the journey was advanced. Food was catered directly to the customers rather by the help of cargos. The ship was innovated by electricity, amusement of the guest and making the decks space more enormous. By the beginning of the 20th century concept of superliners was introduced. Germans were the founder of these huge hotels floating in the water. After so, many amendments in this industry, speed was still a matter of concern.
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