Hospitality Industry Case Study

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A critical evaluation of marketing factors in the hotel industry. 1. Introduction 1.1. Introduction to Hospitality Industry Hospitality industry is one of the most diverse, exciting, challenging and important in the world. It is not only about hotels but includes other organisations such as restaurants, food service management, coffee shops, pubs, bars and nightclubs (Barrows and Powers, 2009). Some people attempted to describe the hospitality in diverse ways. Broadly speaking, hospitality is the demonstration of kindness in inviting and caring for the essential needs of customers or outsiders, mostly in connection to food, drink, and accomodation. Today’s hospitality industry interact with one another on a global basis. However, this definition of the ‘’hospitality Industry’’ just satisfies most circumtances. 1.2. Aim of study The aim of this study is to define the importance of Marketing Mix for the success of hotels. In order to introduce the hotels’ product and promoting it to society, marketing is needed. To conclude, this study will analyse and define how Marketing Mix plays an important role on the hotels’ success. 2. Review on Hotel Industry 2.1. Introduction to Hotel Hotels can be defined as a form of building, company or business entity that provides services for accomodation, food and beverages, and other facilities where all the services intended for the general public, whether they are staying overnight or for those who only use certain
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