Hospitality Industry Challenges

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There are some challenges that facing in the hospitality service industry for globalization. This is challenges being of motivator to the hospitality industry to compete in the market. It is also most important to the hospitality industry to increase and develop of this sector. But, it will be problem to the hospitality service industry. The challenges that facing in the hospitality service industry will be discuss as below;

4.1 Human Resources
Human resources are an area which grew in interest. As industry continues to recover, it has to focus to the staff and their role as service provider. Increasing demand need staff recruitment levels appreciated at moment during labor force contract (Goyal,
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First is market segmentation and overlapping brands. Market segmentation is increasing when accommodation chain focus at one traveller particular field. Furthermore, name overlap. A few related industry observers that franchisers can expand their brand total to point that investor which bought from same franchisee will be in direct competition with themselves too, as brand total increase, user 's ability distinguish among they reduce (Jing, 2009). There are some hospitality industries that offering same product and service so the overlapping brands will be happen. The second is increased guest sophistication. Consumer had become more sophisticated and has type of products and services that they want to. Facility, including business centre, training and recreational facility, and room innovations guest, increasing cost but, if not carefully chosen, not may appeal to many guests served by one specific property (Jing, 2009). To fulfil consumer want it so difficult. It is because the consumer has different want based on race, age, and national and so…show more content…
When economy is good, business travel in generally increase. Occupancy rate hospitality and increase shelf rate, which resulted higher profit levels. Inverse also true: business travel slow down when late economy. Then population and shelf evaluate reduction. Discount to increase population offering, which generate lower income and acquire reduce (Jing, 2009). The nation’s economy most important to make sure this sector has potential to develop. But, if the nation’s economy is not stable, this sector did not generate revenue or profit. This is because there are not demands for this service in the market. Next is globalization that will be affects timber industry dramatically because it biases point where people but also individual states economy that plays an increasingly larger role in that finances success collapse property. To compete, they must focus more attention for globalization trend. Industry must reflect global village conditions in the many operational aspects, including food, service, facility, staff recruitment policies and practice (Jing, 2009). The hospitality industry needs to have find ways to become more responsive and create greater value. It is because the trend of the hospitality industry always changes in time to
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