Scope Of The Hospitality Industry Analysis

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Ac 1.1 Analyse the current scale, scope and diversity of the hospitality industry (2016) defined hospitality as the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guest. (2016) also defined hospitality as the quality or disposition of receiving and treating guest and strangers in a warm, friendly and generous way.

Current scope and diversity of the hospitality Industry


Size- The hospitality business is most likely the universes quickest developing, work making calling, utilising one in ten individuals around the world. In the UK alone, the industry utilises more than 1.8 million individuals.
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Some conference have only a few delegates while others have hundreds. They may be held on behalf of a political party, to create a new image, launch a new product, communicate to new employees or make some kind of public announcement. Banqueting is providing food and beverages to a group of people who will eat together at same time. The scope is to accomplish and deliver good and service focusing mostly on celebration, bringing together a group of people for a certain event and to emphasis on food and beverage which can last for several hours(, 2016).

Analyse the current scale, scope and diversity In the hospitality industry

Hospitality and tourism is a standout amongst the most significant marvel and the largest business in the world with its yearly 5% growth and one billion explorers margarin a great impact on the culture and environment of the distant countries. The business is developing continuously especially in Africa, The pacific, Asia and Eastern Europe where the biggest growth happen.There are additionally occasions affecting negatively the future scale and improvement of the tourism, such
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It is a very large and diverse industry due to the innovation, ownership, classification and grading system, level of service, leisure facilities, future trends and so on. The scope of the hospitality industry is very large. There are different commercial sectors like hotels, restaurants, fast food outlets, takeaways, hostels, motels, pubs, clubs etc. Understanding the diversity and the differences that exist among the types of businesses in the industry is vital in ensuring the right employees are recruited for each. Diversity of the industry varies from the services and products provided by different businesses in the industry, the target clients and the level of service

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