Evolution Of Hospitality Industry Essay

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Evolution of hospitality industry
Hospitality means receiving guest in a cordial manner. Its beginning can be traced from where lodging facilities were developed along the routes of Middle Eastern and caravan routes. Earlier the basic facilities were being provided by the traveller himself and in recent times all the facilities are being provided by the hotel. Rich diversity, culture, wellness opportunities along with ancient traditions make India a rich tourist destination. The countries whose GDP is growing and will continue to grow due to the fact that it will attract foreign direct investment and hence more business and leisure travel. Franchising is viewed as the best option for growth. Online marketing has now become an important medium for hospitality firms and earlier all things were done manually.
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But in restaurant a minimum staff has to be kept even if it’s a slow period. Some banquets work on a commission basis with the other suppliers such as photographers, entertainers and florist. Earlier the banquets used to be very simple and sober but now the banquets are very large in terms of space and the different types of menus offered. Catering plays an important role in the banqueting functions as it is one of the major factor which influences the decisions of the customers. The quality of the food and drink plays an important aspect of the banquet functions for many people. During the middle ages catering spread throughout the European and was evolved into providing food for soldiers, transportation and trade routes. The trend is towards satisfying all the clients and making a memorable and loveable experience for the guest. Planners of the banquet functions are now asking for the sustainable, healthful and restaurant quality meals. Hyatt hotels and resorts have now set up a gold standard in green. They have started using cage-free eggs, responsibly harvested seafood

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