Aviation & Hospitality Management

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Aviation & Hospitality Management Course: Management as a career option, most of us at once in our life think about management to choose it as a career option. However, not everyone at the later stage of life gets the opportunity to work in this field. The reason might be anything but management as a career option is itself glamorous carrer option. However, to deal with the typical entrance exam and thick management books are not everyone 's cuppa. But as this old adage says, "Where there is a Will, there is a Way".

If you are not someone who can get a 90+ percentile in the management entrance exams and handle the lengthy management theories you still have the opportunity to work in the management field. You can choose Aviation & Hospitality
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Both the course in some way are related to each other, A person who has done aviation management course can get the work opportunity in the hospitality industry and vice-versa. Both the industry when it comes to management follow the same professional requirement. Check more about Aviation & Hospitality Management Course below in the article.

Aviation Management
Career In Aviation Industry is among the hot career options. There are numerous career options in this industry, however, the standards are high in this industry and for many roles, one must be tall, good looking and should possess great communication skills in more than one language. Not everyone has these skills and qualifications. However, still a professional can get to work in the aviation industry. The person can choose aviation management as the career option. There are plenty of opportunities in aviation management area.

Aviation & Hospitality Management

Courses and Eligibility
The job of aviation management requires significant formal education. Candidates, in order to make a career in this field, must have at least bachelor 's degree. For upper-level positions, a master degree is required. Also, check Fisheries & Aquaculture As Career
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Candidates learn the various aspects of hospitality during the course. An MBA degree in Hospitality is required for the top-level position in this field. Candidates with a graduate degree are eligible to apply for MBA course.

Candidates with hospitality management degree are highly employable. Candidates can apply their skills to make a career in hotel/ restaurant industry, conference management, sales and business management & development etc.

Job Options
Candidates with the BHM/ MHM/ MBA (Hospitality Management) can get the following roles in the industry:

Fast food restaurant manager;
Accommodation manager;
Catering manager;
Public house manager;
Restaurant manager;
Event manager;
Hotel manager.
Candidates can also get the following job options after a degree in hospital management:

Customer service manager;
Retail manager;
Tour manager;
Human resources officer.
Normally after the hospitality management course, candidates choose private sector for work opportunities. The reason is that they get the higher salary in private sector as compared to government besides there is less opportunity in the government sector. The starting salary in hospitality management field is 5 lakh to 7 lakh per annum. With the relevant experience and skills, one can earn 8 lakh to 10 lakh or more in this

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