Host Family Research Paper

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Dear future host family and language instructors,

I have always had a special interest in learning languages and it is thrilling to be considered for an opportunity to learn a language in an immersion atmosphere. In addition to my love of languages, those close to me would say that I am adventurous, easygoing and studious, which I believe would make me a good fit for the program. I 'm not easily upset and I work hard to secure future educational opportunities. I have a strong relationship with my family and friends and they are a major source of support. I come from a large, tightly knit family and I often look to my parents and older siblings for advice as I begin planning for my future. As the oldest child still living at home, I try to set a good example for my younger brother and
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I recently had the opportunity to promote global friendship through a cultural exchange. Last summer I was one of five students selected to represent Fort Wayne, Indiana in our sister city Takaoka, Japan. Through this scholarship, I was able to spend three weeks with a host family and attend a local Japanese high school. I not only made valuable friendships with my host family and peers but also gained a deep appreciation for the Japanese culture. My time in Japan helped me to realize my passion for other cultures and my desire to work with people of all backgrounds. Through this life-changing experience, I decided that I’d like to continue representing the United States and to pursue a career in international relations. It also prepared me for the challenges of international travel and adjusting to host family dynamics. I place significant value in education and have worked hard to maintain strong academic achievement. My desire to learn has motivated me in my schoolwork and has prepared me for the vigorous study necessary for success in the NSLI-Y program. I am eager to further my language abilities to seek out experiences that will help me succeed in an international

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