Hostesses In Beowulf

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In most literature works, the stereotypical views of men and women have always been clear to the audience; especially on the occasions where the events of the certain time period played a drastic role in the tale, book or play. Epic is a genre of literature that consumes readers with a warrior, contending the enemy while that particular hero unites the multiple stories within the poem. Beowulf is a tale possessing three diverse adventures based on many stereotypical masculine qualities, such as violence, revenge, feats of power and execution of mercy; this story is a male driven plot. This epic demonstrates the stereotypical view of women as helpless and insecure beings under the dominance of men. Warrior culture is one of the main themes…show more content…
Readers must realize that the hostess does not only serve the men; she is the instrument that acknowledges the social class of the men who are in the presence of the king. "Their role as hostesses has to do with the duty of carrying the mead cup and pass it to the king and warriors. This apparently unimportant task is more revealing than we may think; it establishes a hierarchy in the hall" (Sonia, 2013). Hierarchy creates a system of rankings between those of the kingdom. When a woman is above many others within that system, it demonstrates that females have a great deal of power and are crucial to the ceremonies of the mead cup. Even though she is carrying it to the king and his warriors (which could be stereotypical job or duty, to serve men), readers overlook the task and do notice how crucial that responsibility is. Without having females completing her duties, the men would have to take more accountability for ceremonies. The functions would become stressful and chaotic without women organizing and having their duties. Another factor that proves men within Beowulf could not operate the same…show more content…
Analyzing their personalities individually (Peacemakers, Hostesses and The "Monster"), have all demonstrated different tasks to the society of Beowulf and the plot. Readers have discovered that the stereotypical views of women are present. However, the women show a great deal of independence, strength and violence. Their stereotypical characteristics start to disappear once you analyze and realize their importance to men. The male dominance is present to an extent, but without females being accounted for, tasks and responsibilities would not be completed; men depend on the women in the society of Beowulf. Even though the tale is stereotypically male based, having peacemakers, hostesses and a violent female prolongs the story line and proves that as much as women are seen as unimportant, they are absolutely crucial to the tale of
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