Hostile Work Environment Case Study

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CASE STUDY: QUESTIONS/ ANSWER QUESTION1. How is hostile work environment sexual harassment evident in this scenario? Explain your answer. ANSWER1. Sexual harassment are seen in various organizations. In which manager and supervisor of the Company does not show their good behavior towards the employees. They always torched the women For giving them promotion. Which shows discrimination in company. 1 The hostile work environment is really clever for sexual harassment and it can be seen in the present Era. Because in some firm’s wrong comments are passed on the women on her drees up sense and her Body figure. Which feel to women insult in the company. 2. In company women are attracted by the manager for making them relation. Which show that women Should not work in the companies. They should only focus on domestic work in home. 3. Ample of the women have left in the company because of sexual harassment. For example, wrong…show more content…
How did smith Tool Company benefit in the end by using self-inspection? Explain your answer. ANSWER3. Self-inspection was considered as key role in the company. Because they the select the employees in CMI and share their knowledge and experience with the employees for making new products in lots of quality. While making production company checked is this product is beneficial or not with fixing the product cost. In addition, eventually employees hold water on the demands of customer because they represented brilliant products with excellent quality in the front of customer. Which people liked and purchased this things gave more benefits to company. Because they did inspection while working employees in the company. References: Major, L. P. (2016). Key success factor for quality management implementation. Evidence from the public sector, 997-1012. major, L. P. (2016). key success factors for quality management implementation:. 27, 997-1012. Ronald j. Ebeert, R. w. (2017). bussiness essentials. toronto:

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