Hot Air Balloon Analysis

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Hot Air Balloon Analysis In the duration of this project there were many factors that needed to be kept into consideration. The most important was the laws of gas, because the hot air balloon needed to be be constructed enough to withstand the air and have enough room for the hot air particles to move making the balloon have a successful flight. Due to the hot air particles move as a faster rate making then collide to each other which causes the balloon to have enough energy to take flight. While actually launching the ballon I began to see the balloon that did take flight and those who did not. In the beginning of the class launch many of the hot air balloon were successful. As I continue to observes them I began to see a pattern of which…show more content…
While there design was nice and pleasing to the eye most did not meet the height limit. Observing the shape, most failed due to having a small space horizontal design. This design caused limited the hot air, making it difficult for air to reach the whole circumference of the balloon causing to to not float as well as others. Another thing was the design became the downfall of the balloon. People who were careless added too much decoration causing the balloon to have more weight than needed, making the ballon have a difficult time floating. The other thing that caused downfalls for the balloons was the durability around the metal wire in the balloon. Due to the uneven construction many had the tissue paper rip from the wire causing complications to the balloon and launching.Many complications were due to faulty workmanship, balloon shape, and excessive…show more content…
The most noticeable to me was the shape of the balloon, i would change it so that i has more of a globe shape rather that a flat shape. Due to the horizontal flat shape the metal wire had to be place on either side making it harder for the air to enter and inflate most of the balloon. Most complications were due to our shape being an egg, which my group decided to put two pieces together which over all made it a asymmetrical shape. Naturally I would like to change the symmetry of the shape which could also change the place of the wire to a more suitable area. One major thing was gluing, if I had the chance to redo this project i would like to have more precise gluing on seams and edges of our hot air balloon. While our project was not the best i felt as though we did a good job at teamwork but there were some things I would like to change. To conclude, many things were needed to be understood for a successful launch of the balloon. One main thing what how the hot gas and particles move in the balloon. While another was the shapes, designs, and construction of the balloon should also be taken into account. While our group balloon was not the most successful I understood the problems that were the cause of the failure. This project help me understand the importance of design and research needed to make the final
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