Hot And Cold Blood Fitzgerald Analysis

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Marriage Hot and Cold blood was written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and The Story of an Hour was written by Kate Chopin. In Hot and Cold Blood, Fitzgerald tells the story of a married man name Jim Mathers and his wife Jaqueline. The couple is expecting their first child, so every penny they earned should go towards preparing for their child. Jim has a generous heart, which leads to never turn the blind eye on a person in need. He lends money to those in need without hesitation. This trait of Jim bothers his wife Jaqueline so much that she forces him to stop and to be considerate of their marriage and family. In the text Jacqueline states, “I need you. I need your strength and your health and your arms around me. And if you – if you just give it to everyone, it spreads so thin when it reaches me.” (Fitzgerald II 46-48) Jim takes his wife advice into consideration, and it tortures him. He turns a man in need away and does not offer a seat to a lady in the cart who subsequently passes, which happens to be his wife. After the incident, Jim realizes he…show more content…
He does everything she asks of him to please her. He considers her and wants to make her happy. It hurts his soul when the lady in the streetcar was his wife. It changes his mind set and how he feels about helping others. Chopin never reveals how Brently Mallard felt about his wife. It never reveals where he truly was when he supposes to be on the train. Chopin only suggest that Louise was unhappy and her husband was to blame. She loves him sometimes, but not enough to be too sad if he was dead. Brently stands in the door when his sister in law discovers his wife and never know how he feels about his wife death. The Story of an Hour suggests that Louise is unhappy in the marriage, and is relief when he is dead, while Jim Mather is upset that he did nothing to save his wife from collapsing on the streetcar in Hot and Cold
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