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Abstract Hot forging is one of the complete ranges of manufacturing that allows tool making of highest specifications. It also allows tools to be molded to complex shapes while retaining high strength, reliability, efficiency and precision. However, tool cost is a very significant aspect in hot forging because it covers up to 15% of such costs. Over in hot forging, high speed machining is able to machine very hard material. On the other hand, there is a problem that arises in hot forging, weakness of too steel at 700 degrees Celsius. despite this, when any metal is to be hot forged, it is a prerequisite that it is heated significantly with steel going up to 1300 degrees Celsius. With the tool under consideration, the deformation process can be achieved by using hot or cold forging. However, every aspect of the tool being forged will be considered. Introduction…show more content…
The hot forging Method The current technology that is used in hot forging is the high power incduction coil. The process starts with a bar of metal being heated to 1300 degrees Celsius or slightly lower. This is the recrystalization point where the metal can be molded into any shape or form. This extreme heat also ensures the metal does not have any strain hardening in the deformation process. After the heating, the steel is cut in the required head sizes then heat reated. This part of the forging process is the greatest determinant of the hammer or an other tool life (Huyett G., 2004. 30). It is proper heat treating that ensures a hammer attains the required hardness for proper usage. Treating will also include stress relief annealing which simply means that the hammer is treated further to prevent dimensional changes. This is carried out to avoid dimesnisonal changes which may occur during the last stages of heat

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