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10 hot sexy Halloween costumes for women 2014 that will get you the man of your dreams written by: Fanasi21 Halloween is the day where your nightmares come true. People dress up as ghouls, ghosts or any other terrifying figures for the sake of going along with the natural theme of Halloween. On a positive note, Halloween can also be the perfect opportunity to have men bowing down in your presence and begging for a date. With the right outfit and attitude, you can be the talk of the town and a man's ultimate desire. After all, you are what you wear. Here are 10 hot sexy Halloween costumes for women 2014.

1) Dark Venom
It is a commonality in superhero movies to showcase the hot hunky hero wearing a spandex costume however when worn by a woman, it can showcase and highlight their body
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The look epitomizes the term kinky and has also created a trademark as a porn fetish. Wearing this outfit will make you ooze in sexual prowess and it is also an eye-catcher. I mean who could really resist that kind of a "maid."

3) Sexy Bunny Rabbit Costume
The sexy bunny rabbit look is a fashion trend that took inspiration from the cute and cuddly nature of a rabbit and turned it into an instrument of seduction. An outfit mostly associated with the ladies who model for the Playboy label/brand, the costume is a must have and it showcases a mixture of sexual innocence and nature. Wear this one and men will want to share more than a carrot with you.

4) Elegantly sexy mermaid
One of the most sophisticated outfits on this list, the outfit is for women who are looking to be sexy but do not want to expose too much skin or emit any direct sexual innuendos. The costume broadcasts an erotic representation of elegance whilst highlighting the conventional look of a modern proud woman who isn't afraid to raise a few heads. This outfit is a definite statement-maker.

5) Sexy Police
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