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Parents are considered to be the children’s first teacher, family is the school for children’s basic education. The healthy growth of children is impossible without influence of family and parent’s education. (Jiang Zemin, 1998). The three major challenges faced by a typical Chinese mother on TV are, a husband who has an illegal affair, a manipulative and domineering mother in law and a child who always demands its mother’s attention. Apart from this a mother should also balance her professional and personal life. From one of the popular TV shows, “Hot Mom” which was aired few years ago portrayed an average urban Chinese woman’s life transitions from a child to becoming a wife and mother. The program grabbed the attention of large number of…show more content…
Earth, fire, water, metal and wood. Expectant mothers should not utter words that are considered to be offensive to spirits and deities. In the Taoist and Buddhist families, on the 30th day from the baby’s birth, sacrifices are offered to Gods so that they are protected throughout their life. The 30th day is called as “man yue “in Chinese language – the inception of the baby’s life, good health and happiness. The belief is that these objectives are achievable only if the suitable words are spoken; proper behaviour is represented and ritual symbols are used. Relatives and friends receive gifts from the parents of new born as per the customs and traditions. During this time, holding a ginger party and red colour dyed eggs is commonly observed as it symbolises a new born and renewed life. Usually the baby is also named at the same time. The tradition is still followed - people give red eggs to their friends and other family members on their birthday. Few families, dress the baby in red coloured new clothes, adorn with gold accessories to be presented to deities and ancestors at home. This way the ancestors are virtually informed about the new born and also an appeal to protect them from evil spirits. Some Chinese families practice protection rituals by offering prayers to the goddesses Jin Hua Fu Ren (Lady Golden Flower) and Bodhisattva Guan Yin (Goddess of Mercy) for a good life of both mother…show more content…
Due to large population and economic growth in China, many women are forced to work to earn money along with their husbands. These situations are leading them to transferring the parenting to family members, neighbours and day cares or crèches. Specific industries such as manufacturing, research, service and agricultural require large amount of time that strive to gain for minding children. Although young professional mothers desire to spend quality time with their children at home end up remain in the office.They still make great mothers by spending quality time by planning

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