Hot Tamales's Short Story: The Chocolate Shop

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The bitterly cold wind picked up her pleasant coat as she entered the alluring shop. She closed the intricate door hastily to block out the loathsome gale and turned. The room she stood in was enormous with pearly handdrawn sketches on the walls and pitch black tiles on the floor. She looks straight ahead and sees tall tubes filled with exotic candies. She closes her thrilled eyes and takes in a deep breath through her nose. She smells the sweetness of chocolate, the sourness of gummy worms, and the spiciness of the Hot Tamales. She quickly opens her eyes and races towards the chocolate. The walls were covered in heavenly chocolate, all laid out in separate sections. At the first counter, there laid small truffles nestled in paper cups. The first that caught her eye were tiny square chocolates with three tiny ridges caught in the chocolate. It looked like a duvet had been roughly placed on top. Next to these were small round swirls of white and milk chocolate. The swirls hypnotised her and she was entranced by their beauty until she noticed…show more content…
She looks at all the tubes that are emptying out into little buckets of candy. She smiles a toothy grin. It is her favorite place in the world. She walks down the rows of candy scooping some into her bag at each station, carefully emptying the scoopers so none of it falls to the floor. She walks up the counter and delicately places the bag of sweets onto the scale. 1½ pounds. She pulls out the crinkled dollar bills and coins in her pocket that she has been saving up from her weekly allowance. She pulls out $5.96, but the total comes out to $4.90. She smiles and pays for her candy and then walks over to the little ice cream booth. She looks at all the flavors and decides on Rocky Road. She gives the cashier a dollar for one scoop in a cone and walks out of the store

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