Hot Tin Roof Symbolism

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Rodriguez 1 Skyylyn Rodriguez Mrs. Jarrell AP English III 16 November 2016 Truth in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof The truth is not always what a person wants to hear or see. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is a play about how damaging lies are, about how people lie in order to keep others satisfied, and about the difficultly a family undergoes with telling the truth. In order to establish the theme of how conspicuous telling the truth is, Tennessee Williams uses symbolism, characterization, and conflict. Symbolism is demonstrated through the dull character Brick. Brick is a “brick” of a man, emotionally, physically, and mentally. Emotionally Brick is demolished because he is an alcoholic. Alcohol seems to be his safe haven; therefore he has isolated himself…show more content…
She rather live with someone that does not want her than to live entirely alone (Williams 42). Maggie is showcased as a flat character because she does not evolve. Throughout the play Maggie never gives up on Brick, and she seems to tell close to the truth the entire play until she breaks down and lies about her pregnancy. She is lying to herself thinking that Brick will love her again. The conflict in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is Brick’s struggle with homosexuality. He is not true to himself or to Maggie, and is in denial of Skipper’s love for him. Brick lies to himself about his feelings for Skipper until Big Daddy forces him to face it. He then is apprehensive, because his friendship is being misinterpreted. Brick is driving Maggie insane, because he will not sleep with her. She rather stick a knife into her heart than to know Brick will never make love to her again. Maggie knows that she is an attractive woman and any man would want her, but she is bound to love Brick. Maggie slept with Brick’s unstable buddy, Skipper, in order to break up the close friendship between the two men and win back her husband (Als 2). Brick does not tell her the truth about why he cannot sleep with
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