Hotel Compensation System

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In the hotel human resources management, hotel salary scheme design is one of the most core content, design a reasonable hotel pay system is also crucial. How to design a reasonable hotel salary scheme? Need to hotel salary plan paper summarizes the existing problems, and on each problem analysis and countermeasures are put forward. This article is in view of the hotel salary design problems and countermeasures of an article on the professional analysis.

Hotel industry as a "person" as the service industry, the hotel management is the management of people, therefore, to strengthen human resources management has the vital significance to the hotel. This will require a hotel managers apply scientific management methods of hotel human resources
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In general, the hotel staff salary including direct compensation (salary, bonus) and indirect remuneration (collective welfare and benefits, paid holidays, insurance and other awards). Covered a broad spectrum of compensation system design, from the level of salary levels, and, for the welfare of the employees and other treatment plan, distribute all kinds of subsidies to the standards and implementation of reward and punishment, and the way the salary design (such as wages, piece rate or merit pay), etc. Are the problems of compensation system should be concerned about. In the design of the hotel pay system, human resources experts - HuaHengZhi letter think generally have the following…show more content…
Therefore, in the process of designing compensation system, timely communication, necessary propaganda and training is one of the factors in the success of the guarantee system, enterprises should try to improve employee 's satisfaction with the PLA 's compensation system. In addition, in order to ensure the applicability of the salary system and the accepted degree, the continuous development of company should according to their own conditions and the employee 's feedback to pay system stipulates the adjustment on a regular basis. Compensation packages in the process of execution feedback and correction is necessary, so as to guarantee long-term and effective salary system

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