Hotel Housekeeping In Human Resource Management

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One of the main roles of a human resource manager is to assure the safety, health and wellness of the employees working for the company, whether they are surrounded by big machines, working with food or in an office with other people, they have to do it in the best possible conditions, so relating this directly to the hospitality industry, are the basic guidelines for safety, health and wellness always followed? Are human resource managers, general managers and the staff in hotels really aware of the possible RMI (repetitive motion injuries) in the area of housekeeping?
Summary – Hotel Housekeeping
What kind of work do people do in housekeeping in a hotel?
Housekeeping is more than it appears, it’s not just making the beds and cleaning bathrooms, it is a very physically demanding job, because it includes many different tasks, for example:
• Washing floors and/or vacuuming the room
• Removing stains
• Cleaning and also polishing toilets, mirrors, sinks, bathubs and taps
• Tidying the room in general
• Making beds (which implies lifting mattresses)
Normally housekeepers are responsible for cleaning approximately 16 rooms per shift (in an eight hour schedule, with 30 minutes break for lunch) which means they have to finish cleaning at least two and a half rooms every hour, (the average time to clean one room is between 15 and 30 minutes) but the amount of work that has to be done depends on how large the room is, the number of beds, etc.
What are the risk factors of

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