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The technology is rapidly changing year by year, if we asked ourselves a question, how was the technology in the past decades? Of course the question will be different.
Information system involves of all the hardware and software which considers as a firm needs to utilize in the aim of achieving the purpose of the business. Information system is a computer tools based on the purpose of recording, storing, categorizing and searching in order to provide services and benefits to people, and distribute information to support decision making and control in certain business. In addition to that, the information system assists managers and workers to analyze any problem which might occur in the
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“Business have been started to use social networking tools to connect their employees, customers and managers worldwide”. This means that, hotels are benefiting and the guests alike. To give an example, the hotel with high quality of services have Ipads for the guest, in order to fill a form that includes the feedback of the staying in that specific hotel. As a result, the hotel will be evaluated through the guest via ipads so the management will be received the feedback online in order to make a change or to improve some trammels which could develop the hotel positively. In addition some hotels have tablets for making an order from the restaurant, obviously the guest can order online and select whatever he\she would like to drink or to eat, then the waiter will deliver the order to the guest room in not more than twenty minutes, in this case, there will be more charging for the payment, because of the delivery and the taxes which will be considered as well. So it needless to say that, it sounds useful for the hotel to boost the income and for those people who don’t like to go out and to receive the order quickly in the room. So that, guests will feel that the money they paid for the service, it would be deserved, because those hotels are charging high rate which not possible for anyone to afford it. (Instructor and Grimsley,

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