Sample Case Study Of Hotel Management

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Operational Objectives
We strive to provide exceptional service and quality products by maintaining the best people in our company. We believe that success comes through the employees and with that said we will treat them as our customers because that’s how we want them to treat the customers as well. We also aim to increase the hotel’s occupancy rate by 10% every year.

Case Facts and Assumptions
The following are the facts based on the case study:
There is a lack of hotel management experience and the owner relies on family members who has a limited exposure to such business
The owner decided to hire a hotel management company to run his hotel.
The hotel management company proposed an employee ratio with 65% regular employees
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I believe that with the HEAT method, we will be able to identify the root cause of the hotel’s problem. With this information, I believe that with the high rate of employees resigning or being terminated, this has a big effect on the company not only by means of losing profit but also losing the best employees. I believe that by retaining the pioneer employees will help with the hotel’s problem but also the management must do an action about what’s happening with the hotel. I also believe that giving the employees proper training would help them grow and develop their skills that the hotel needs to cater its customers. In giving proper training, standards must also be imposed in order for the employees to refrain from making offenses that might result to their termination. Also, the management must stop practicing unfair labor practices because this will lead to losing employees.
Final Strategy and Action Plan

What will be your action items or steps to be taken?
To talk to the managers and employees regarding the problem and to hear them out. To Hear Out, Empathize, Apologize, and Take Action.
To look for the root cause of the high turnovers, unfair labor practices, and mismanagement.
To hire the proper consultant.
To have the proper planning, leading, organizing and
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I also recommend for proper training for all the employees especially the managers because I believe that the hotel managers should be the leader or the role model to his employees. Another one is by imposing the proper standards of policies and rules and regulations. I believe that these standards will be the guide of the employees to do their job properly and to avoid making such mistakes that might have a big effect on the company. I understand that by having the proper trained employees will make the customer’s happy and this might result to having regular customers and having more profit.

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