Hotel Management Literature Review

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The combination of the hotel industry is playing a significant part in the development of the tourism industry in the transformational world of design in accordance’s with the services delivered to the guests and the key in the provision of these services in any condition within the hotel is the staff (Ahmadi, Homauni, & Jafari, 2011). The ultimate quality is weighed on the collective ability of managers upon the training and individual motivational programs for producing the highest level of services that are demanded by the guest in the hotel industry. In the considered study, first the clear identity in the concept of management styles and motivation through the literature background would be identified and concluded with the theories by…show more content…
Research Questions The identified research questions that are necessary to answer in this paper are listed below,
• What are major management styles that a leader should adopt while working in the hotel business sector?
• What are the influences of management styles and motivation on the Hotel and Employee development?
• What are the effects of management styles and motivation on job satisfaction of employees working in hospitality industry?

Literature Review

Management Styles
Management style is one of the basic forerunners to authoritative viability. Management style is essentially interpreted as an approach to deal with an association (Chaudhry, & Javed, 2012). It is the general methodology of a supervisor in managing individuals at work and practicing of power over subordinates with an end goal to reach authoritative objectives.
Types of Management
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The leaders in an organisation all need to give comparative pathways to accomplish objectives of the associations. The Path-Goal Theory of leadership was produced to depict the way that leaders energise and bolster their devotees in making so as to accomplish the objectives they have been set the way that they ought to take clear and simple (Deery & Jago, 2001).

The Laissez-Faire Leadership
This leadership style permits the gathering to create all alone choices, as the pioneer has no genuine power. In particular, the pioneer answers inquiries, gives data, or gives support to the gathering. Besides, the pioneer assesses and scrutinises almost no and is in this way not debilitating. The pioneer permits the individuals to settle on their own choices (Kriegl, 2000).
Motivation and Motivational Theories
It is an important aspect of management, as every person who makes a piece of a group should be rewarded somehow or another for their behaviour. Progressive approach of needs by Maslow has effected in one's work performance. It shows that for a person to perform with a pleasing life there should be the important establishment’s structure (Buchanan, & Bryman, 2009). The basic fulfilment physiological needs, for instance, sanctuary and foods are needed to have the ability to perform our assistance about

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