Hotel On The Corner Of Bitter And Sweet Essay

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Right now, think. Think about how the relationships effect people 's life. Relationships between friends, parents, siblings, your boyfriend/girlfriend, co-workers are all important. Are people ignored? Are people talking too much? Are they good, or are they bad? In the novel, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford the relationships differ very much. Because of Pearl Harbor just taking place in the book, most Americans were scared of the Japanese currently living in the city, and nearby towns. When Keiko and Henry become friends, Henry knows his parents will disapprove of her because her race. He did not know to what extreme his father would go to. Henry 's character changes dramatically from the relationships he forms with his father, son, and Keiko. To start off with, Henry does not communicate much with his mother or father because of the language barrier. His father is very caught up in is own life, and does not pay much attention to Henry. "He and his father had settled into a pattern of noncommunication months ago (166). This makes Henry independent and reserved. His father does not support Henry in anyway, and definitely does not approve of Keiko. He hates the fact that his son would even think about…show more content…
Last, Henry and his son Marty have a very interesting relationship. Because of Henry 's relationship with his own father, Henry doesn 't think it 's un-normal that he doesn 't talk much with Marty. Samantha and Marty change Henry for the better. He begins to socialize again, and opens up and talks about his childhood, Keiko, and even his own parents. Marty and Samantha helps Henry find Keiko and reacquainted with her. He becomes so much happier, and not so somber all the time. Henry realizes that he needs to communicate with his son in order to have a good relationship with him. Without Marty, Henry would still be that lonely, elderly guy who is very discreet and reserved. However, he now has high spirits, and is an all around
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