Hotel On The Corner Of Bitter And Sweet Character Analysis

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In the novel Hotel On The Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford, characters have to face the stress and pressures of World War II and discrimination against Japanese Americans. There is unfair discrimination against Japanese Americans and the characters must cope with the challenges of the times they are living in. The book takes place during WWII and the 1980s as the protagonist grows up. There are two different father son relationships being portrayed in the novel between young Henry and his father as well as old Henry and his son Marty. Both relationship are facing some challenges which creates two struggling relationships. In the past of the novel Henry’s relationship with his father was very difficult to maintain once they moved to the U.S. His father cut off all communication with Henry once he informed Henry to only speak English. This provided many problems because Henry’s parents didn’t speak English, so…show more content…
The issues of new world and old world misunderstandings as well as contrasting values made these relationships challenging to uphold. The relationship involving Henry and his father crumbled due to vigorous values each side possessed. Even though they couldn’t preserve their relationship it created a guideline for how Henry would father Marty. The relationship gave Henry a sense of how a father should act and be the father that he never had. Henry’s relationship to Marty succeeded because of these guidelines. Henry tried to be there for Marty and understood when he wasn’t needed. He and Marty didn’t always agree because of the different values they both obtained and the new generation that Marty was apart of. They both overcame those issues and realized that there is no perfect father or perfect son. This realization helped the relationship thrive and will set a good example for Marty if he decides to be a
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