Housekeeping In The Hotel Industry

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Introduction Recently, the service of hotel industry has been getting worse since the rate of customers unsatisfactory is increasing. For example, the staff have not enough smile and not polite when serving the guests. Therefore, the front office manager is going to plan the program about how to improve this situation, include cooperate with the other department, hold the training. The length of the operating plan within one year which is going to observe and monitor how is it work. Operational Plan  A specific goal First of all, it needs to set a goal by some specific data. In this year, hotel receives 150 complaint letters. According to those complaint letters, the two major problems are about service attitude and mechanical equipment.…show more content…
Before they hire, they will set a guideline for different department that what should they do, and what kind of things that can do better. There are some bad habits of the employees that should improve immediately. For example, housekeeping is easily to open the room for customers who is without the room key or front desk staff with no smile when check in for the guests. Sometime, they did not answer the question correctly etc. Therefore, the mystery customer will get free to live in the hotel around two to three day; the jobs of mystery customer is to mark down some staff who is insufficient for their work so that it can do an overall checkup and clearly know about what kind of things that hotel should improve. Also, set the training for the staffs is necessary which can give them some rules to follow.  Steps of Hospitality On the other hand, hotel will hold a competition for different department staff. In those departments, there is a poster which is having the steps of how to be a perfect staff. Each department will have a supervisor to observe their employee’s behavior. The following results will court in each month, and they can give the award to the staff which is the best service in this month. It cans clearly let the staff know what should they do, also it cans improve their bad attitude. Through some of the benefit, employees will more willing to join in this competition. The following…show more content…
In the Food and beverage department, the most important point that have to concern that is the employee’s service attitude. The mystery customers will have a dining experience to find out the employee service attitude and sense of belonging for their jobs. In fact, the mystery customers can know cooperation between employees and their attitude towards to guest such as taking order or serving with the guest. Companies can understand the performance of their front-line staffs through mystery shopper programs. The results from the program can also be business analysis, strategy planning and corporate training. Companies finally can train out talents, create loyal customers and increase company's revenues. That is the reason why hotel use mystery customers program to be an action plan.  Steps of Hospitality The other action plan is ‘Steps of Hospitality’ in different department. It is a working steps to provide more superb quality to guest in three departments which is Front office, Food and Beverage and Housekeeping Department. In the Food and beverage department, there is a briefing to the staff in everyday before work. It can share the steps of how to work more consistency. For example, the staff should more concern the safety when they are
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