Hotel Business Plan Essay

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It always has different sorts of ways to increase the revenue of room in the hotel. From selling the package to the early bird promotion. Although offering a big discount can allure a lot of guests to book the room. However, the revenue will not increase sharply because the room rate is too low. As a guest angle, they may want complimentary room or meal, free upgrade, everything that can lower their traveling cost. How about the hotel offer something that the guest would like or want the most, some product or service which is different with other hotels?

Description of the selected Product
In view of this, the promotion idea will be providing 2 complimentary theme park adult ticket per room to the guest if they can book the room
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It can attract different target market’s guest to the hotel. When the guest is searching Ocean Park Hong Kong, our hotel will also show up in the searching result because of the technology benefit. The target market will be expanding to the different category. It may gain a few percentage of guest out of the target market. Moreover, the Ocean Park Hong Kong will celebrate the Halloween Festival in the whole October every year. It is found that more and more people like to celebrate the Halloween festival, playing some haunted house or dress like a ghost, especially in the teenage group. It can also gain revenue by the effect of Ocean Park…show more content…
The age of target group is around 18 to 40 years old. This is because the young generation would like more outdoor activities and always looking for some entertainment, they are absolutely like to go the theme park. For the family group, theme park is the best place of enjoying the family happiness. For the couple, theme park is the best dating place no matter in which country. And for the long-staying traveler, the promotion require the guest at least stay 3 nights or above so that can gain the free ticket since the hotel is looking for the long-staying guest. Long-staying guest can gain a lot of revenue to the hotel, if they like to stay in our hotel, they will become the loyalty guest to the hotel, thus, the hotel can have a stable income with these
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