Hotel Reservation System Essay

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Hotel reservation systems are in great demand because of tectonic shift in travel technology. These are based hotel reservation software, which will let end users to search and book the hotels online for any city across the globe. Companies not only attract tourists from within the country, and even around the world.

Other than that, hotel reservation systems also help the worker to manage their customer data. They can handle data accurately and security because of the data lost, viewing by unauthorized people, can’t collect the data at the time. Storage problems also can be solve because these types of methods are not accessible and not carry with the manual method data will automatically store in the hotel reservation
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This interview was held because to find out information about the company and also how inventory system will help this company.
Q : Firstly, we want to thank to you for your full cooperation according to our group project.
A : Welcome and my pleasure to help all of you for your Group Project assignment.
Q : For the first question, will you tell your full name and why do you start this business?
A : My name is Mrs. Faliza Ghazali and I started this because I love traveling and for this reason I also go to this resort. I go to this resort for families and people can come to Pulau Perhentian for holidays like me who like to vacation.
Q: What does the name of your company and what is your website name?
A: Our company name are Bubu Resort Pulau Perhentian and our website name are
Q : Why do you think that reservation system will help your business?

A : Reservation system will help us on how to ensure that there is still room empty or not. In addition, it can help us to not delay the time to customers who need room immediately. We need to constantly update about bilik.Ini will affect our business and we need to prevent this from

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