Genocide In Hotel Rwanda

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Hotel Rwanda directed by Terry George and released in 2004, is one of the films that most accurately depict the reality of the Rwandan Genocide in 1994. This genocide marks one of the most bloody and abrupt in the history of genocides where the Tutsi began slaughtering the Hutu. The story is told through the main character Paul Rusesabagina’s heroic acts as a hotel manager and his dedication to his family and people. The story centers on him and his family sheltering Hutu refugees at the Mille Colline Hotel in Kigali, resisting the Tutsi rebels as they began the massacre of Hutu families almost overnight. The film clearly portrays how and why the genocide began and it is through this that theoretical concepts such as ethnic violence and ethno-political mobilization can be drawn. Terry George aims no less than to demonstrate the Rwandese reality through the extremely violent and cruel scenes in the movie, he manages to convince the audience that really, over 800,000 people were in fact killed in no more than 100 days and more than 2 million refugees had to seek shelter elsewhere in the world (1). To begin with, it is important to understand the root causes of the conflict between Tutsis and Hutus to in turn understand the genocide demonstrated in the movie. Rwanda was…show more content…
It is because within these examinations, one can witness theories used in international relations and one can also see how these theories were created, from real life situations like this genocide. This film builds on the reality of conflict within a state and between states, thus exploring not only conflict but how the conflict is started and possible solutions, this is all the study of international

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