Hotel Uniforms Essay

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2) Impress the guests by providing Hong Kong-featured novelty
Guests visiting to chained hotels around the world experience the same or high-level of similarity of service encounters, facilities and decoration provided, hotel uniforms with Hong Kong-featured novelty design is the feasible way to impress the guests. Ariffin, Nameghi and Soon (2015, p.782) point out that foreign guests expect hotels to “act as a good point of contact for the nation they are representing in terms of tangible or intangible components. One example of the tangible component in the hotel context is the uniform of the front-line staff members”, meaning that when guests arrive at the hotels, they expect to feel the nations where they are staying by experiencing the local features, hotel uniforms of the front-line staff members is one of the elements that can impress the guests with novelty
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Hence, the problem statements of the study are as follows:
1. To what extent does the current design of the hotel uniforms in multinational luxury hotels impress the guests?
2. How will the eye-catching embroideries or edgings, with localized features, impress the guests and the public in understanding the brand images, with or without staying at the hotels, of the luxury hotel chains?
3. How will loyal guests’ levels of satisfaction be positively or negatively changed towards the designated luxury hotel chains if such eye-catching embroideries or edgings being added?
4. How will the designated multinational hotel brand leaves a more unique and remarkable impression when comparing with their
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