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The emergence and development of hotpot People gather around a smack pot filled with flavorful and nutritious soup base. The pot may be boiled by various means, such as charcoal, electric or gas, this is hotpot. In the past, people always choose meat to do hotpot, but now besides meat, there is a variety of food which people can choose for hotpot. Ingredients like vegetables, seafood, noodles and even fruits are included. Hotpot as one of the Chinese traditional food has thousands of history and originated in the Shang dynasty of China. At that time, hotpot was originally popular at north of china. Because the winter of north of China is very cold and people can feel warm when they were eating hotpot. And since Qing dynasty, there were many…show more content…
In the Shang dynasty of China, people always chose pork, chicken, mutton, and beef to cook. But now in China, except portray, people also eat seafood like Guangdong seafood hotpot. In different countries, the ingredient of hotpot also has differences. There is a very famous western style hotpot named “Fondue”, it was come from Switzerland which is use totally different ingredients from Chinese style hotpot, but the way to eat hotpot is mostly same. Fondue is people put cheeses into the pot, make it warm then use a long fork to hold vegetables, fruit or bread into the pot. There are many diffident types of cheeses can choose but always use gruyere, emmentaler and raclette. The cheeses in Switzerland are very popular, so the people of Switzerland like doing the dish with cheeses. They always like eat fondue with family in winter. And there is a very interesting story about the origination of fondue. It is heard that Marco polo was lost his way at Alps when he on his way to returned to Italy from China, but finally he got help from a farmer who lived nearby. And when the kind farmer ask Marco Polo what he wanted to eat, Marco Polo said he was missed the hotpot he eaten in china but there just had one bottle of white wine and one slide cheese and few pieces of bread. Then Marco Polo made his own way to make hotpot, which is fondue. In Indonesia, the ingredient of hotpot also has different. Indonesia hotpot named carry hotpot, as we know people in Indonesia like carry very much, they eat carry rice, carry noodle and also carry hotpot. People put curry powder, condiment, potatoes and seafood or beef into a pot and then pour water to boil

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