Hottone Tires Dock: A Case Study

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Situation: Concerns and reports about the congestion at shipping dock.
Scope: It has been brought to my attention that at Hotstone Tires docks, congestion is a major issue, as pallets of materials has been chosen to be transported with the forklift to tractor outbound tractor trailer. This problem has made the process tedious for stock picking employees, and employees having no choice but no options but to wait their turn, and also go long distance to the ware house to pick up other order to process and put products on the trucks. Since this is not efficient and is potentially slowing down the work process a new system will be implemented to control the smooth flow of traffic, which will enhance and benefit all parties involved in the work
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It is clearly the problem; therefore, I suggest zone picking method. According to an interesting article I read by Newcastle system this method is assigned to a specific area and will only be recognize within the zone. In this order picking system each worker will be in charge of a section and pulls from the section to make space to fill incoming orders. The box will move through several sections until the order is complete, along conveyor belt, this will keep picked items from being in the way of traffic. Improvement, based on result from suggestion and feedback from upgrade will determine if this system works and things should be optimized. From this point, any further problems should be eliminated. In order to be in control, close monitoring by management is essential. Feedbacks from employees, how the system is working for them and what can be improved. The problem with DMAIC is if any steps were skipped then the results may be inaccurate or create bigger problems. The strength with this application is that it will hopefully deal with the problem from the
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