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Hottest Belize Bucket-list events that you may not know about! When it comes to events in Belize, putting a bucket list together is not an easy feat. In fact, the variety of festivals, celebratory occasions and traditions that Belizeans look forward throughout the year makes it ideal for your travel plans any time of year. There is no need to travel to the ends of the earth for incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Update your 2018 travel bucket list with some of the very best must-not-miss Belizean experiences now. La Ruta Maya River Challenge – This event is perhaps one of the biggest sporting events in the country that locals and visitors to our shores look forward to with much anticipation. Professional and novice paddlers both far…show more content…
Peter (San Pedro). This tripartite occasion combines religion, culture and festivities that are synonymous with the lifestyle in San Pedro Town. The cultural segment of this celebration sees islanders partaking in mestizo dances such as La Cabeza del Cochino (Pig head dance), El Baile de la Botella (Bottle Dance) and El Torito (Bull dance), each with its own depiction and meaning. The religious aspect of this celebration includes traditional early masses for fishermen who pray to St. Peter for protection throughout the year at sea. Benque Fiesta – Held in July of every year, this pulsating cultural celebration is one that beckons unity among its “benquenios” and those that attend the fair. Benque Viejo del Carmen which is a known cultural hub for the Mestizo community comes alive to celebrate the historic tradition that commemorates the town’s patron saint “Our lady Mount Carmel” with food, marimba music, and religious…show more content…
From celebrity stars, famed singers to rising stars in show business. This three-day event highlights the festivity of music, art, food, cultures, dancing, parades and pageantry, all wrapped up in one weekend. Typically the festival would open up with the crowning of La Reina de la Costa Maya, a concert with a selected International singer and ends with sporting activities, much food and fanfare for all

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