Roaring Twenties Movie Script

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Anne: Hello! And welcome back to the hottest history talk-show on the radio, it’s BEAR. And today we have a special guest, Jennifer “I like history” Rexroad, here to discuss the Roaring Twenties! Jennifer: Thank you for having me, Anne! Please. Call me Jenn. Anne: Alright, Jenn. Thank you for coming. Today we will be talking about ideas and inventions from the 1920’s that changed the world as we know it. Our first topic is new opportunities and jobs.. Jenn: Oh! Such as telephone operators? Anne: Exactly! Due to the availability of electricity and the growth of technology, telephone operators were now needed so people could make calls to almost anywhere! Also, because of electricity, there was electric lighting, and just about every house…show more content…
Which meant assembly lines were needed, so the each good could be made faster. Each person had a job on an assembly line. Working on the assembly line meant there were new mechanical gadgets. These gadgets helped workers make products even faster on the assembly line. Anne: Right! Now for a short commercial from the 1920s- (Hair Dryer Commercial) Jenn:(Small chuckle) Wow! That was very entertaining! Anne: Speaking of entertainment...there were many forms of entertainment in the 1920’s. Such as drive-in movie theaters. Jenn: Fun! Also, people stayed entertained by dancing. In the 1920’s, there were flappers who had bobbed hair, and liked to dance. Anne: The 1920s embraced dances like the Charleston, Black Bottom, and the Shimmy, which were also danced by Flappers. Jenn: Yep. Dancing made people very happy. Anne: Speaking of being happy...people could be happy in their own homes, now that the standards of living increased. Jenn: Exactly. The new technologies that we talked about earlier played a HUGE role in the increased standards of living. These technologies included automobiles, so people could move to the suburbs and happily live where they want to. Also- Anne: Wait, how does this relate to us
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