Houdini's Needle Trick

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Houdini’s career started with the Needle Trick and the Challenge Act. His Needle Trick consisted of Houdini swallowing needles and thread and bringing them back up, all threaded. The Challenge Act was Houdini’s fame-making trick. He would put on a pair of handcuffs and he would be able to get out of them, without using a key. These two magic tricks helped form Houdini into the magician he turned into today. Houdini’s career became well known for his great escapes. His greatest trick, the Chinese Water Torture Cell, is described more on page 6. Prior to this great trick, he would escape from handcuffs and straightjackets. When he first saw the straightjacket in 1896, he was so inspired that we wanted to find a way to escape from it. Once he…show more content…
For the Milk Can Escape trick, Houdini would handcuff himself into a large milk can full of water, hoping not to drown trying to achieve his escape. The Buried Alive trick consisted of Houdini escaping a coffin 6 feet underground. With all of these different types of magic tricks, he was able to attract many different people from all over the world to watch his shows. Because of Houdini’s great accomplishments, the word houdinize was made to express how Houdini was able to release himself from confinement or bonds. Houdini’s greatest escape was called the Chinese Water Torture Cell. The tank that Houdini was put into resembled a tall fish tank. His first performance was in 1912 and he often called the trick “the Upside Down” or “USD.” This trick was so good that he performed it until his death in 1926. This escape is a more complex version of the Milk Can Escape. To begin the trick Houdini would explain the tank, grill, stocks, and the steel tackle comprising the apparatus. The tank was filled with water and Houdini was placed inside, upside down. Prior to being put into the tank, his feet were manacled and the steel frame would be passed over his body until he was clamped securely around his ankles. A curtain would be placed around him so the audience could not see what was going on inside the tank. Luckily for all of those wondering, the secrets behind this escape have been…show more content…
When Houdini was buried, he was put in a Jewish graveyard, because of his Jewish background. He married his wife, knowing she was Catholic, with some speculations for the future. 17 years after Houdini died his wife finally joined him. Houdini wanted his wife to be buried next to her but that wish couldn’t come true because they refused to put a catholic women in a jewish graveyard. Houdini was a name he got form a pervious magician. Harry Houdini’s original name was Erich Weiss. Before he started his magic career, he admired the magician Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin. He tried to gain popularity for his career and changed his name to Houdini, adding an “i” to the original name. He decided to say he was like Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin. Jean was a very famous magician and was the figure of modern magician before her death. Houdini died on Halloween. Isn’t is weird that the most famous magician, the one who did all of these magic tricks died on the day of the dead? There are some theories that pro-spiritualists poisoned him because of his special

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