Essay On The Differences Between Holmes And Watson

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In the most cliff hanging, interesting, and heart wrenching book The Hound of the Baskervilles, there are two detectives by the names Holmes and Watson and these two men are the same and different in many ways. Holmes is a leading character and Watson is the follower. Holmes knows of all of his expertise and Watson does not show it as much. Yet, both detectives are precise, observant, and very good at what they do. These two detectives have distinctive differences that are present and can be shown in how they work alone and around each other, their overall attitude and personality, and finally in their different responses to the same situation. Extensions off of these topics, including examples from the book itself of how these men are the perfect mystery solving duo are as follows. The two work in…show more content…
Holmes’ attitude is arrogant, yet observant, and a very intense character as well. Throughout the story Holmes is full of himself and knows how good he is at what he does so it makes him seem a little arrogant. Proof of this is found in the book when Dr. Mortimer tells Holmes he is the second highest expert in Europe and Holmes is shocked because he believes he is the first. “Recognizing, as I do, that you are the second highest expert in Europe” (10). While, Watson has a semi laid back character and he as well as Holmes is observant. Watson goes with the flow of what Holmes does and shows him. Also, Watson is very observant so what Holmes cannot find he can. In the beginning of the book Holmes asks of Watsons though on a subject and Watson shows his skills by telling Holmes deep details that he had found in the examination process. “Good!” said Holmes. “Excellent!” (2). Holmes shows Watson he is proud that he found a good detail that helped them later. Their attitudes cause them to do different things and also respond to situations in different ways as
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