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Translation Steps 11, 12, and 13, 14: Action Plan An action plan for implementing the pilot program for intentional hourly rounding will begin for the telemetry unit selected. Prior to initiating hourly rounding all staff nurses, charge nurses and nurses assistants will attend an educational in-service provided by the clinical nurse educator on the benefits of hourly rounding, how to effectively complete hourly rounding and who is responsible for the rounding. The education will be offered at set times and is mandatory for all staff to attend. Hourly rounding pilot will begin on the selected unit on the November 1st 2015. A rounding log has been developed and will be placed on the board in each patient’s room. It is to begin when the patient arrives on the unit and continue until discharge. The nurse will inform the patient of…show more content…
Additionally while in the patients room all paths should be clear of clutter and objects to increase safety as well. On each hourly round the nurse or nurses assistant will inform the patient of when the next hourly rounding will occur. Hourly rounding also gives patients the peace of mind that someone (nurse or nurses’ assistant) is coming back at a designated time to check on them. Hourly rounding also provides patients and opportunity to ask the nurse questions. Hourly rounding needs to be done on a schedule, every hour between 6 am and 10 pm then every 2 hours from 11pm to 5 am by either the nurse or the nurses assistant. Nurses will be assigned the even hours and nurses aids will be assigned the odd hours. The pilot trial for hourly rounding will continue for six months. On the first Monday of each month the interprofessional team will meet to discuss the results of hourly rounding as well as staff and patient feedback. With the collection of data over the next 6 months the team will evaluate if there is a decrease in patient injury and falls as well as in increase in patient

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