Hourly Working Conditions Case Study

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1.1 Compare and contrast hourly working conditions at General Motors and Wal‐Mart. Hourly Working Conditions: General Motors Walmart 1 Labor Union - Hourly workers at GM are protected by a strong labor union, who forged contracts, established working conditions and negotiated raises. - Hourly workers at Walmart are not protected by a union. 2 Lucrative Benefits: - GM has very strong benefits for hourly workers including no-deductible health insurance, vacations, retirement with benefits, paid work breaks and lunch time. - Walmart provides less benefits to hourly workers. The health insurance deductible is very high and all the work breaks are unpaid. 3 Job Security: - GM is always looking to reduce the highly paid hourly…show more content…
The team formed for such reason is based on the services needed for the treatment and consists of physicians, nurses, social workers and the patient. The team members are responsible to make a collaborative decision to adopt the best treatment for the patient. These characteristics of honesty, openness, involvement and participation satisfies the patient and this is one of the reasons the Mayo Clinic has higher patient satisfaction than the national average. 3.2 What team‐related benefits can you find described in this case? What are the possible team‐related costs? In this case study, following are the possible team related benefits: - Mayo Clinic uses the insight and expertise of all its employees. - Patient has sufficient motivation because of its participation in the decision making with the entire team. - High customer satisfaction. - High morale and confidence of the employees. - Top reputation of Mayo Clinic. Possible team related costs would be: - Time spend to make the decision and if the decision does not make in one meeting and the team has to meet over and over with the patient. - Final treatment decision may require more time, so the patient has to wait and pay…show more content…
They able to get computers, cellphones, desks and other supplies within a day. The most important thing was that everyone was very cooperative and wanted to help each other. I think firms should have disaster drills or prepare for the disaster, so they could minimize the impact of such crises. 4.3 Due to the extraordinary circumstances in New York City during and just after September 11, many individuals and firms changed their behavior, acting more altruistically and ethically. In your opinion, why did this occur? Do you think the change is likely to endure for a Jong time, or is it only temporary? The tragedy was so huge that brought everyone closer to each other. No one has seen such a big tragedy in the history before, so every single person wanted to help his neighbor, colleague or friend. The service companies and people changed their behavior to provide the best services to the affected people and companies and not thinking to make money in the crises. I think the change is likely to endure for a long time since the people are full of patients, respect and love for

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