House Divided Speech Analysis

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Literary Analysis on “House Divided Speech” and “Civil War Journal” How did the Civil War redefine what it means to be an American? In the article of “House Divided Speech”, the narrator and main character which is President Abraham Lincoln, presents the American nation with the information of injustice that is being fulfilled in what is supposed to be a free country. He furthermore discusses the issue of slavery and how the North and South are divided. Lincoln proclaims, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Lincoln is stating that because there are two sides, for example, North and South, in which the North are “opponents of slavery (page 5- “House Divided Speech” in StudySync Booklet)”, and the South are “its advocates (page…show more content…
Louisa said, “I like the stir in the air, and long for battle like a warhorse when he smells powder. The blood of the Mays is up (page 34- “Civil War Journal” in StudySync Booklet)”! This shows Alcott is excited about war and uses senses to describe her feelings about war and how enchanting it seems to her. But, Alcott cannot fight in the war because she she is not a man. Therefore, she also states, “I’ve longed to see a war, and now I have my wish. I long to be a man, but as I can’t fight, I will content myself with working for those who can (page 34- “Civil War Journal” in StudySync Booklet)”. This leads to when she volunteers to become a nurse and serve her fellow men. She then becomes discouraged as she watches lives pass and go by. The sort of impact the Civil War has on Alcott is similar to the sort of impact that was made upon Lincoln, meaning it is both positive and negative. “Though often homesick, heart sick & worn out, I like it--find real pleasure in comforting tending & cheering these poor souls who seem to love me…(page 35- “Civil War Journal” in StudySync Booklet)”. Although Alcott is homesick and weary, she finds strength and nourishment in helping others through an obstreperous era. Trials can create a positive outcome. The realities about Alcott’s character are that she must face what she used to think about war and that it was exhilarating in an adventurous and entertaining way, but she soon discovers war is all about survival once she begins nursing. She must also face her patient’s needs and orders to keep them alive for as soon as possible, but to also take care of them cautiously. In one of her journal entries, she provides her daily schedule of orders and duties. “Up at six, dress by gas light, run through my ward & fling up the windows though the men
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