House Flies Informative Speech Outline

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Invective on Houseflies by Charles Tibbetts Prologue [80] [Heads of Purpose- Justice and Expediency] It is just to criticize creatures that do not act in any way the antithesis to pestering and disgusting humans; [Aequipollentia] God himself placed us in dominion over them; furthermore, it profits us to tell the whole world of their annoyance. [Thesis] [Heightener #1] The housefly is the only creature, which its only purpose on this earth is to be a pest. They are the only creature that has no beneficial or fruitful outcomes. Birth [118] [Nation] Flies, with the rest of the population do nothing but eat rotting corpses. Flies, as they evolve see only dead or lazy creatures. [Homeland] Flies live in our food, living off our work; they live in the places that we particularly do not want them: in our food, and in disgusting places such as feces. [Ancestors] Musca domestica, are descendants of Brachycera, vulgar, disgusting, rot eating, scavenging flies; scavengers as ancestors makes their genealogies think that they do not have to do any work for their food. [Chorographia][Parents] Their parents are more flies, who lay their eggs in unrefined places: feces, food, decaying and decomposing organic matter. What kind of wonderful parents would do that? [Rhetorical Question] Education [130] [Pursuits]Houseflies…show more content…
[Difference] Bees are many people’s enemies because they sting and seem like man’s enemy, but bees make honey, and pollinate plants, which can help give us our food; however, flies have no such redeeming qualities. [Analogy] As dirt is useless unless it has a plant growing in it, so flies are more pests then bees. Epilogue [44] I could continue to write about how invaluable flies are, but flies are buzzing [onomatopoeia] around and over running our world; therefore let us cease speaking of them so we can go out and attempt to "Decrease the surplus population." [Quote from Christmas

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