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The House of Blues in Boston offers guests a wide variety of muscial performances to enjoy year-round as well as local art and Southern cuisine. The heart of the venue, however, is grounded in its deep feelings of tradition and community. The first House of Blues was opened in 1992 in Harvard by celebrities Dan Aykroyd, Aerosmith, Paul Shaffer, James Belushi and River Phoenix. Though the original House of Blues has since closed, nine venues are currently running across the United States, including the Boston venue that opened in 2009. Isaac Tigrett was the original founder of the venue and began it in order to show the world the music that he grew up listening to in the rural south. The House of Blues is dedicated to celebratating and educating…show more content…
The House of Blues is currently the largest curator of "Outsider" art in the world. The historical artifacts that deocrate the venue all have meaning and historical signicane. The curtains on the stage take over 1,000 hours each to sew and pay respects to the slaves who escaped via the Underground Railroad. Concerts are available nightly and feature a blend of both local artists, popular art and dance shows and popular recording artists. With room for 650 guests, each performance has an intimate atmposphere that allows all guests to enjoy the show. Lansdowne St. is the popular restaurant in the House of Blues and features both traiditonal American and Southern cuisine. Popular dishes include seafood jamablaya, gourmet flatbreads, burgers and banana bread pudding. In the Foundation Room, members are privy to special events, after-show parties and superier service. With a raucus atmosphere, the Foundation Room is home to those who want to party long into the night. Whether it 's folk music and Southern cuisine or hard rock and parties all night long, the House of Blues in Boston has something for every music and art

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