House Of Dies Drear Character Analysis

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In Virginia Hamilton's House of Dies Drear there are many different relationships formed. One of the most important relationships is the one between Pluto and Thomas. Those is a thirteen year old boy from North Carolina who got dragged into living in one of the stations in the underground rail road which was the route that slaves used to escape to Canada. Thomas lives in an African family that is use to a friendly community. Thomas is smart and educated. He also knows a lot about history since his father is a history professor. Thomas also has two other twins and go with him on this trip. Pluto the other main focus of the book is a very mysterious man at the beginning to the smalls. Throughout the story you can see that Pluto was put on a facade to make him seem like a devil but was the mystery unfolds you can see that he is more friendly than most people see him as. Throughout the book you see Thomas and Pluto's relationship progress upward from being mysterious and creepy to a strong friendship and understanding of each other. Toward…show more content…
At the beginning both characters were very suspicious of each other. Their perspective on everything was a perspective with a lack of knowledge which caused a lot of suspicion and mystery. However as the story progressess Pluto and Thomas get to know each other and gain the knowledge to make the right conclusions about each other. I feel like the only reason that Thomas and Pluto could not make much progress through their relationship is because of the treasure. Pluto was extra protective from the Smalls since they were new and he did not know enough to trust them. Once the Smalls saw the treasure Mr Pluto was able to see their reaction. This was what started the growing trust. Overall trust is what progressed the relationship between Pluto and Thomas and allowed the upward direction of the
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