House Of Hades Thesis Statement

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The book I am currently reading is called “The House of Hades” by Rick Riordan. It is the fourth book of The Heroes of Olympus series. This book is part of my reading goal. It helps my reading goal because it is one of Rick Riordan books. After this book, there is only one more left until I finish The Heroes of Olympus series. After I am finished, I'm going to start another series of his called, “The Red Pyramid.” In this book, Percy and Annabeth are plunged into Tartarus with nobody except each other. They are in vast danger because all monsters that are killed are then dissolved in Tartarus. Since Percy and Annabeth have killed so many monsters during The Titan War and quests, Percy and Annabeth are number one on all the monster’s killing lists. If any monster finds them in Tartarus, they are screwed because Tartarus is already draining all their powers, making them exhausted and vulnerable. Percy and Annabeth are not going to be able to defend themselves in any way possible if a monster decides to attack them. Because of this, Hazel, Piper, Frank, Jason, Leo, Nico and Coach Hedge are finding the way to the doors of Tartarus so they can free Percy and Annabeth and then…show more content…
The series before this was called Percy Jackson & the Olympians, and he was the main focus. I feel like during this whole series I’m not getting Percy. By that I mean they don’t really talk about his emotions besides when it’s about Annabeth. I understand he’s in love but I don’t think that means love is the only emotion he feels. In this book and prior ones in this series Percy doesn’t share a lot about how he’s feeling during fights which is unusual because in the previous series he did that a lot. I was used to knowing what was going through his head. Even though he is considered one of the or the most powerful characters it’s hard to believe he is as loved as he once was
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