House Of Leaves

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In House of Leaves by Mark Danielewski it discusses the experiences everyone endures once entering the house, although the people that enter the house are primarily males as the reader I become part of the book. Resembling to the characters we all symbolize something different, however by the end the characters all become interconnected by causing some harm to themselves or become insane because they cannot determine what is occurring in the house. However, I have learned to not be afraid of the unknown because they are made as a path to learn from. In addition, I changed from being someone that wanted to know everything to having a mystery is fine and not necessary for it to become an obsession.
Danielewski when making reference to the house, it appears to be blue, and he does not interchange between house and home because of the distinct definitions. Mark does not interchange house with home because a house is the physical model, meanwhile a home is what the people make of it, particularly seen as a mother role caring for a
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Nevertheless, the house becomes an obsession that puts to the test Will and Karen’s marriage. For instance the “..communication between Navidson and Karen begins to radically deteriorate” (56). Will’s obsession with the house is degenerating his marriage with Karen because his main focus is the house. On the other hand, for Rothko while he was succeeding he becomes depressed that his new paintings are darker than before. Inclusive, Mark Rothko becomes addicted to search for a vision on the art with the chapel that leads for his second marriage being destroyed. In addition, later on he develops an alcohol addiction and since he smoked only made the situation worse and is the cause of his death. The house helps to unveil issues that we do not know exist which urges Navidson to want to know more about the
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