House Of Scorpion Analysis

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“It was thirsty just now,” said Tam Lin. “If I hadn’t told it to drink, it would have stood in front of the trough until it died. Stay,” he told the horse.In the book House Of The Scorpion the character Matt’s goes through a lot of sudden changes and gets his dreams answered but not the answers that he wanted like people working all day without stopping unless told to do so. Which is causing conflict.Conflict in this book is wide range from Man vs Nature to Man vs Himself. Conflict is a action that you disagree with or something that you do not favor.The impact that choices make can either be amazing or regretful such as making to choice to make a sandwich not going affect you so much. But if you choose to anger someone it causes conflict which could end fast or very slow. In the novel House of Scorpion, Matt’s character is most greatly impacted by conflict between Matt and Rosa, Matt and The Alacran Family and with himself.

The very conflict is Matt vs Matt : Matt fights himself in his mind about what choices to make such jumping out the window“ Matt came to a decision. It was frightening” (pg 18). Matt had a hard choice to make but it was a opportunity of a lifetime which is not a thing you get everyday. I would choose to jump out the window since I have been trapped in a house for my whole life.This impacts Matt by giving a hard time with choices to make due to the conflict that stops him giving attention to the important things such as what is happening the eejits

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