House Of Spirits Women

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1. Introduction - Begin by asking the class to discuss the question of “In what ways do you think women are shown injustices today?” - Brief introduction to the topic. - Slide of image of the question 2. Discuss ways female characters in The House of Spirits face social injustice with class. - Slide with bullet points different ways - Suffer traditional & Customary pressures - Gender roles and expectations 3. Transition: Thesis: How does Allende and Esquivel challenge the typical notion of the submissive woman and their role within society - Focus of two characters: o Clara – House of Spirits o Mama Elena – Like Water for Chocolate - These women are matriarchs: strong, powerful independent, and outspoken; not afraid to challenge authority…show more content…
Second character discussion: Mama Elena (in comparison to Clara) • Introduce and give a brief summary of the book “Like Water for Chocolate • Esquivel depicts Mama Elena as being very dominate • Read quote: Mama Elena’s husband passes away in the beginning of the novel, the “enormous responsibility of running the ranch” passes on to Mama Elena (Esquivel 6) • In contrast to Clara, Mama Elena is seen as the adversary of the novel; she is very harsh • Similarities: Both have supernatural abilities; • Elena continues to criticize her youngest daughter Tina even after she dies. • Read Quote: In response to a mistake, Mama Elena scold Tita with “Listen to me, Tita. You are trying my patience. I won’t let you start acting crazy. This is the first and the last time for craziness! Or you will be sorry, I promise you that” (Esquivel 29). o Analysis: While Clara is gentile, Mama Elena is very harsh and assertive o Emphasizes Elena as an authoritive character o Mama Elena rules her household through fear • Wrap up: Author also uses Mama Elena to critique authoritarianism to emphasize the patriarchal dominance that she challenges. Slide with Book cover and author -Slide with quotes; analysis
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