House Of Mirth And Tears, Idle Tears Analysis

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Realism “House of Mirth & Tears, Idle Tears” Initial Reaction In the “House of Mirth,” initial chapters pays attention to the behavioral attributes of human being. It is a novel based on social events consist of planned actions and not on coincidence. Freedom and slavery have tied to the idea of the story that glorifies money and symbolizes it with lust and intensity that drive human behavior. The novel has an unusual character named Lily and before reading it, the reader can turn either way will Lily get married and succeed, or she will fail and die. Also, whether money plays a controlling factor in Lily’s life. All of the above, as a reader “House of Mirth” has covered the bitter realities of life regarding upper-class society. Moreover, it is a novel about playing with feelings through a social game of power and money. Questions exploring about roles of sexes and feminism have discussed in the poem “Tears, Idle Tears”…show more content…
The author while embarking her self-education has started creative work and began to write stories. The novel reveals about a status of women during the time of nineteenth to the twentieth century in which the author explains the dissatisfaction she felt at that point through writing her novel (Marie, 2013). “Tears, Idle Tears” written in 1847 in which author tells in the form of poetry how one has to struggle with the poverty and also discuss the roles of men and women in society. Also, the social issues of that time have raised in the poetry in which education of women and creating of female colleges were part of a contemporary controversy. The poem describes in an undefinable way that examines life through a perspective of life ends with the memories associated with it (Learning, 2009). Insight of Author’s
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